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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Zen Micro Car Mount

A Zerosign original project: Make your own Zen Micro car mount.
The Plan: Create a durable and stylish, yet cheap, car mount for the Zen with easy to find items.
The Parts: Two full-size Altoids tins, One big-size plastic paper clamp thing, One can of spray paint, some velcro strips.

Step One: Cut out an area for the audio out connection. For this I used a cutting rotary tool - don't worry, the sparks won't hurt you.

Step Two: I solder welded one of the clamp arms to the lid of one of the Altoid lids. Its really ugly, but it's ok, I'll cover it up later.

Step Three: I then cut the lid from the other Altoids tin in half and placed it over the soldered lid to cover up the ugliness. Once I was satisfied of where it was sitting I then solder welded the second lid onto the first to hold it in place. In the picture above the second lid was already painted black.

Step Four: I then taped the other arm of the paper clamp to the back of one of the lidless Altoids cases (not shown) and spray painted the whole thing black. After the paint dried, I glued small peices of a mouse pad inside the tin to provide cushioning and protection to the Zen.

Here is a side view to show how the whole mount is put together around the arms of the paper clamp.

Finally, stick the soft side of the velcro strips and the console and stick the hard side to the bottom of the mount. This provides more than enough support for the mount and allows absolutely no slipping around. Insert the Zen snuggly into the holder and enjoy. In the picture you can see the finished project. Not bad for my first attempt, though if someone desired to put more than five bucks into it, I'm sure it could be improved upon. All in all though, I must say the project was a success. I have a customized Zen Micro car mount that definately looks better than simply placing the zen in a cup holder, and it was cheap as dirt to make. Ø


At 7:05 AM, Blogger Craiger :) said...

Nice job dude... Creating stuff is cool.



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